What's a Retreat?

Space for God

The many demands of our daily routine can make it hard to make space for God. We find ourselves needing time – time to be alone, to unwind, to do nothing, to catch up with ourselves; time to read, to think, to feel, to be creative; time to look back and plan ahead, to speak and to listen, to lay things down and to take up new challenges; time to take stock, to pray, and to deepen our relationship with God.

Space for Doing

Here are some suggestions:


  •  Relax! Don’t feel guilty if you simply want to rest and sleep.
  • Read your Bible or books of your choice.
  • Listen to music. • Spend time in prayer – in private, in the grounds or out walking.
  • Go for country walks, and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells.

Space for Being

Be creative:


  • Writing, drawing or painting may help you express your thoughts, feelings, or insights.
  • Be disciplined: Writing a journal may assist your retreat, enabling you to go back to things later.
  •  Be open to help: You may find it helpful to have a member of the team to talk to or to pray with you.

Before Departure

Look back over your stay:


  • What have you experienced?
  • Have you received or resolved anything?
  • Is there anything you have decided to do?