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Meal times at Stanton House are usually shared around a large table with some of the staff and other guests. Eating at Stanton has always been a time of combining fellowship with enjoying mouth-watering home-made dishes which in style range from British traditional to International with a twist! We do our best to cater for specific dietary requirements where necessary. Your day begins when you want it to with continental breakfast which is available for you to collect from the kitchenette on the same floor as your room. Coffee and biscuits are served in the hall on the ground floor at 10:30am and tea and cakes at 3:30pm. Lunch is served in the Dining Room at 12:30pm and usually consists of a delicious homemade soup served with an assortment of cheeses, breads and chutneys followed by a light dessert. Our hearty, comfort food dinners are served at 6pm followed by dessert. If you come with a group, you can eat together at all mealtimes round your own table relaxing together, or continuing the business of the day